About Us

Why do we offer preloved fashion?

 In a world that moves fast we decided to join the slow-fashion movement. Often preloved clothing is better quality, longer lasting, already worn in for comfort and unique in style. Fast fashion has, sadly, many negative outcomes to the industry of clothing, to our environment and the communities who are part of working in the industry. We wanted to curate a collection of preloved fashion to create a sustainable option for consumers, even if it's a little dent in the fashion world. 

 We often focus on vintage as the quality cannot lie. How do we gather these items you might wonder? Well, simple, we support our local community and thrift stores by purchasing from them. We also offer consignment to the community to those who wish to see their items make it to a new home while they earn some money at the same time. When you shop with us, you are supporting many!



How we support small?

We collaborate with many, small businesses, mostly local, by carrying their products to showcase, support and share with our customers. We believe in community over competition. It was important to us to select small businesses who care about the environment, sustainability and community as those are values we believe in. We enjoy market season in hopes to connect with other small businesses plus the community. We often host giveaways on our Instagram featuring small, local businesses so be sure to look out for those collaborations www.instagram.com/oz_iz_collective



A little about the Owner

If you are still reading well Hello! I'm Nicole the founder, owner and curator of Oz & Iz Collective. I am a mom first and business lady second. One thing I absolutely love about owning my small business is connecting with like-minded people and educating about the fast-fashion world. It brings me so much joy to see items go to new homes and to be sharing local, small businesses whos products I truly believe in. We are located in what I consider the heart of the Fraser Valley, Abbotsford BC. Come meet me at the next market season of 2022 and shop in person but for now thank you for being here!